About the Landlady

Hi! I’m Ion, a copywriter by day, an artist when I feel like it, and a landlady trying to be awesome 24/7 to keep the tenant in my tummy happy.

Barely a month ago, I was just your ordinary, beginner yogi, trying to perfect the crow pose and headstand by the beach.

That’s not to say, however, that I was devoid of ambition for myself and my future. I wanted and worked for the the things every twentysomething wanted for themselves: discover and explore the world; find, improve and, perhaps, make a name for oneself; make one’s family and loved ones proud, and the like.

But things happen. THIS happened.

positive. expecting.

Two red lines on a white stick.

For some, these two lines tell a miracle. For others, they can be the scariest story they’d ever read. And at some point, it was–for me and the baby daddy. We were young and immature (maybe still are) and because of some twist of fate, we were now in charge of someone else’s life.

It’s scary, exciting, overwhelming and extremely stressful, especially if you’ve been raised in a Catholic home where bearing a child out of wedlock is like carrying a badge of shame. And because it’s scary, exciting, overwhelming, and stressful, I figured I needed a place to vent, where I can just let all my expectations and frustrations out to avoid poisoning the optimism and the gift that’s inside me. Hence, this blog.

Tenant in My Tummy is my way of coping with all the highs and lows, all the joys and drama that come with being an early twentysomething, unwed and unwilling-to-tie-the-knot mama. This is a record of how I am slowly discovering and navigating the streets of surprise parenthood.

I also know that I’m not the first nor the only person embarking on this pregnancy and parenthood journey. Thus, Tenant in My Tummy is also for young moms or moms of any age who were initially unprepared to embrace this new role, but are now trying to be their best selves.

Whoever and wherever you are, trust that we can do this. We can and we shall become the best landladies for the tiny tenants fighting for their little lives in our tummies.