Tiny Creature

This is a four-year-old piece, which I originally wrote for my cousin, Logan. Back then, he was the only magical, tiny creature I’ve ever set my sights on. And although he kept me up at night sometimes, his smiles and coos were more than enough to make me believe that despite all the chaos and hurt and pain, there is hope. And that more than anything else, love matters. As they say, the birth of a new life changes the order of the world forever.

Daddy’s school project 🙂

Tiny Creature

You who speak of language
Alien to man
Disturbed my inner peace
As a curve in your lips
Formed and left me in trance

Those tiny windows of hope
Blink man’s woes away
Full of promises, of faith
For the sun’s rising tomorrow

You need not release
Your shrill murmurs
For I am with you
So hush now, little one
And let your tiny head
Fall into these arms

The world is cruel
For tiny creatures like you
But worry not
For when you wake
You shall find yourself
Overwhelmed with a love
That’s never bound to end.

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