The Story that Shouldn’t Remain Untold

When you’re 21, unwed, full of possibilities, as people say, and born and raised in a Catholic home, the last thing you want to be is pregnant.

It’s not the end of the world, yes, but it could be to the people who had high expectations of you, who believed you were capable of achieving better things. And oh, the painful look on their faces and heavy sighs when you announce your surprise pregnancy. It’s as if you handed them all the sorrow and disappointment in the world and had them neatly packed in a box with a nice, pretty bow.

At first, I wanted to take it back. Forget it ever happened or tell them it was just a prank. But once you’ve come to accept that there’s a miracle growing inside you, you’d want to shut off the world and stop caring. It’s just you and the wonderful blessing inside your tummy.

Baby, you may be unplanned but you are never unwanted. People will judge your mother for wasting her chances and making a mistake. But know that you will never be a mistake. You’re a surprise I never thought I wanted to have now. Your dad and I can’t wait to see you. Hold on, dear child. Our adventure’s just starting.

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